Five Ways to Update Your Space- TODAY!


What feeling do you want to evoke? Neutral simplicity, bright energy, spa-like calm? Find a few inspiration photos for this feeling or style.



Paint is the easiest and biggest impact change you can make to any space. Don’t be afraid of colour, it’s your space, YOU need to love it.


Head to your local home accessory or furniture store. My favourites in terms of inexpensive accents are Home Sense, Marshall’s and Urban Barn. Grab a few new throw pillows and a couple of accessories that exude happiness and this new style.



Move your art around- rearrange your walls! Make a collage wall or declutter and stick to one large piece.


Treat Yo’ Self!

Splurge on one item if you absolutely love it! I recently fell in love with a chair and I had to have it. I had to sell it to myself, which wasn’t very hard.

My key points:

neutral> goes with everything

material> think about the durability factor

comfort> doesn’t just sit there and look pretty

(which is totally okay by the way, but I’m a big believer in things having a purpose and function).

All of these quick fixes can be done on a budget and short timeline, so there’s no excuse to not have a beautiful space you love!

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